Power of Change

Now there is a Poltek - “beyond your expectations”- that aims to catch up with the pace of change, that also establishes an innovative, unique services expected by its esteemed clients, and to constitute a competitive structure in the global economy as well as a creative management approach.

Integrated Structuring

An integrated wind of change is blowing nowadays. Corporate identity structuring that launched with an alteration in our logo continuous with the corporate culture. Now, as Poltek, we are a contemporary and rational organisation that is befitting the clients.

Constant “Quality”

Poltek that reviewed its current structure in line with the principle; “Quality is never a coincidence. It is always the result of rational effort.” set “constant quality” as the target, realising the dimensions that it created.


Starting with total quality management, Poltek has completed the increase of service quality, improving its product range, revision of corporate identity and corporate culture. Faster service, more product range, more   advantageous special offers, more corporate communication, stronger infrastructure, more benefit... Our reconstruction that will make you realise more beneficial services soon to be completed.